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Exotic / Luxury Fleet

As a VIP Member you get priority access to our fleet at a discounted rate. (Ex. Lamborghini Huracan $1,595 a day, Member Price is $995 a day) Save up to 40% on all of our fleet at each one of our locations.  On top of receiving discounted rates on vehicles and hotels, receive discounts and special offers at the participating restaurants and lounges. 



Receive 10-30% off at all participating partnered hotel accounts. Be sure to check our list of hotels once in awhile to see what new vendors will be partnering with us.



Our partnered restaurants will be offering a combination of savings and complimentary items. Receive either a free drink (soda or alcoholic beverage), appetizer, dessert or a percentage off your total bill. Check our list of partnered restaurants for member benefits.

Click here for a list of partnered Restaurants

Night Life

Clubs, bars and lounges will be offering several benefits for our VIP Members. 10% off bottle service and VIP seating, discounted for waived door fees and a free drink (soda or alcoholic beverage). You will get priority booking for bottle service and chauffeured packages to and from the venue with us.

Click here for a list of partnered Clubs / Bars / Lounges
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